Dishes You’ll Want to Show Off – FangCun Design Stacking Tableware

Time to upgrade your dishes? Forget about making an arduous trip to IKEA – no self-respecting man over the age of 30 should make do with generic crockery. Instead, upgrade your dishes game with FangCun.

fangcun  stacking dinnerware

China-based graphic design company FangCun created fresh and modern tableware that you’ll want to show off. The company has won numerous design awards for their innovative creations –  their Stacking Tableware is intended to mimic the flow of gravity. Rather than being stacked from bottom to top like most dishes, you stack them top to bottom. They form a sculpture of sort when nestled this way. The result is eye-catching. Plus, the artistic aesthetic helps save space. The bowls are ideal for placing right on your kitchen counter or table.

sculpturally stacking tableware

Each bowl features 20 soft curves. The five bowls stacked together combine to form 100 curves. The curves flow in geometric progression. The lines of the dishes are pure and streaming. They are sleek and modern without any extra superfluous decoration. This helps highlight the subtle changes in tone and texture. The lines flow continuously and feature a sculpture that features many beautiful graduated shades of jade.

Check it out

folding  tableware on behance

fangcun design stacking tableware view

fangcun design stacking tableware 3d printing

fangcun design stacking tableware industrial design

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