Eco Pen Club Writes a Future For Sustainable Stationery

Each year, over 140-million plastic pens are sold in Australia, contributing approximately 700 tonnes of plastic waste to landfill. There’s always the option of going full-digital, but it’s hard to beat the function and practicality of a good pen.

Eco Pen Club was born with a mission to reduce this amount of plastic waste while keeping you inked up for work and play. Eco Pen Club launched a range of eco-friendly, yet stylish paper pens that are 95% more recyclable than their standard plastic counterparts.

eco pen club

The Eco Clicker Pens feature a 0.7mm ballpoint and are available for the office in light blue, dark blue and red ink, and also for creative types in rose, orange and green. Each pen is made with a barrel of recycled brown paper that’s completely compostable, while the tips and ends are a combination of wheat and plastic. If that addictive clicking motion is of no concern, Eco Pen Club has the Earth Pen. These guys feature a minimalist design and are fully compostable.

As professional creatives, Eco Pen Club founders Lewis and Tristan are confessed stationery nerds who felt they could make a difference by reducing plastic pen waste.

“When we looked into the data we were shocked,” said Tristan O’Donnel, Co-Founder.

“You really think you’re doing a good thing by placing your waste in your neatly coloured bin when the reality is it’s getting sold to Asia to be burned or buried.”

eco pen club

Reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in landfill or winds up releasing toxins in the air is as simple as using recycled paper pens. With climate change on everyone’s mind, this is a small, but easy way to make a change for the better.

You can find Eco Pens in multi and sampler packs via the link below with prices comparable, if not better than the plastic counterparts. Take advantage of the free worldwide shipping.

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