EcoQube Sprout is the Easiest Garden You’ll Ever Cultivate

If you lack the time and space necessary to keep a veggie garden, try EcoQube Sprout. It’s a stackable hydroponic micro-garden that grows delicious micro-veggies inside your home all year round with very little input required. EcoQube Sprout is small and affordable. Place it in the kitchen, living room, study or anywhere that you have a few centimetres to spare. Thanks to its modern design, this micro-garden also makes for an aesthetically pleasing decoration.

EcoQube Sprout is from Aqua Design Innovations, a firm who specialises in creating living décor for all spaces. Aqua Design is funding Sprout on Kickstarter where you can lock-in your own micro-garden from USD $18. That’s 28% off the eventual retail price. It’s not the first micro-garden Aqua Design has crowdfunded. Last year they launched the EcoQube Frame which we described as a product every bachelor needs.

ecoqube sprout stackable hydroponic micro garden

EcoQube Sprout is a hydroponic garden, so no soil is required, meaning little to no mess. Owners fill the reservoir with water; then the seed pad absorbs it as needed. The seeds germinate all on there own into nutritious micro-veggies in around 10 days. This micro-garden grows a wide variety of veggies including broccoli, spinach, kale and herbs like basil. Seed pads cost $5 each and produce around $20 worth of veggies.

EcoQube Sprout is perfect for apartments or time poor city dwellers. It’s nutritious and affordable. All you need to do is add water. It’s expected to be available from April 2019 and ships to anywhere in the world. A word of warning. Due to export restrictions, the seed pads cannot be shipped outside the US, so Aqua Design offers DIY seed pad kits in their place.

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