Heliograf studio soy light lamp

Heliograf Studio Recycled Plastic Edition Soy Light Lamp

Sydney-based design duo Heliograf has unveiled a new edition of its stunning and effortlessly eye-catching Light Soy lamp made from recycled ocean plastic. Designed to stop ocean pollution at the ‘sauce’, the award-winning lamp is hard to ignore. It features the same form function as the teeny-tiny plastic fish-shaped soy sauce containers most commonly used in pre-packed sushi to relay its powerful message.

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2 heliograf studio soy light lamp

Image: Heliograf

According to founders Angus Ware and Jeffery Simpson, the main purpose of the Soy Light Lamp is to bring attention to the burgeoning environmental impacts of ocean-bound plastic, through a repurposing system. The materials used by Heliograf in the product are sourced from within 50km of the shore in areas with insufficient waste management in South East Asia. From there, it is collected and recycled by local organisations certified to handle ocean-bound plastic. As the two Sydney designers explain, it’s this region that up to 80 per cent of ocean plastic comes from.

“When we first designed Light Soy we experimented with recycled plastic and it was of low quality and questionable origin,” Heliograf co-founder Angus Ware said. “Now, in just a few years small studios like ours have access to certified recycled ocean-bound plastics. It’s exciting that so much progress has been made already.”

4 heliograf studio soy light lamp

Image: Heliograf

After making waves with the first iterations, which included a sold-out run during the COVID-19 lockdown, the new Light Soy Lamp from Heliograf takes things up a notch. The new interior design addition comes packed in plastic-free packaging that also includes biodegradable inserts made from sugarcane. For the actual design itself, the ocean-bound plastic shade features touch-control dimming and USB-C recharge.

Aside from being an excellent conversation starter, the up-cycled design object is fulfilling its duty to repurpose plastic in a meaningful way. The new Heliograf Soy Light Lamps are available to purchase now from AUD$279.

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1 heliograf studio soy light lamp

Image: Heliograf

3 heliograf studio soy light lamp

Image: Heliograf


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