Hendrick’s Gin Celebrates World Cucumber Day With a Unique Cocktail Garnisher

June 14th marked the World Cucumber Day. Gin maker Hendrick decided to celebrate this day in a very special way—by crossing America in a Giant Cucumber Garnisher on wheels. Yes, that is right—the Hendricks gin will travel the country in a giant cucumber garnisher.

endrick gin cocktail garnisher process

The cucumber slicer will hit the road to bring its cucumber slicing skills to the people of the U.S. It will start in New York City before meandering west across the country. It will stop in Seattle, Chicago and a handful of other cities. So, if you want the perfectly sliced garnish for your drink, then you need to visit the Grand Garnisher.

endrick gin cocktail garnisher upper view

If you don’t live in the U.S. but want to experience for yourself the perfect cocktail garnish, then you are in luck. Hendrick’s announced the launch of a tabletop Petite Garinisher as well. This produces the perfect cucumber garnish right in the comfort of your own home.

endrick cocktail garnisher gin making method

With this handheld machine, you can properly garnish your cocktails every time. It will relieve you of the tedious task of slicing cucumbers and other garnishes for your drinks. It can slice up to two cucumbers at once. The machine perfectly slices cucumbers into ?-inch thick wheel-shaped garnishes.

The Petite Garnisher is handmade and sturdy. The handsome design makes it the perfect accessory to display in any kitchen.

The tabletop machine is available right now for pre-order. Hendricks Gin says that it will start shipping the tables in August. This should please both cucumber lovers and cocktail aficionados alike.

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