Herston Self-balancing Desk Lamp is Meant for Future Generations

Former Dyson designer Oliver Chambers and his partner Greta have created a desk lamp that is super simple—so much so, that its simplicity makes it beautiful. The lamp is the first in a new line of products that explore the quality needed to create something that will be passed down from generation to generation.

Chambers has spent years working in industrial design, and that experience has led him back to his roots—or more specifically, his father’s roots. Chambers’ father was an expert craftsman who specialized in restoring items that were passed down through the generations. That inspired Chambers to work on creating things that use modern advances but are built in a way that will last.

herston desk lamp interior

The lamp uses a dimmer to change the intensity of the light, so that you can adjust to the needs at hand. They also feature a self-balancing mechanism that allows you to adjust the position of the lamp without having to tighten or loosen any screws. The wood is responsibly sourced and comes in two options—oak and off-white or walnut and black. The light uses conductive materials to allow power to flow through the lamp without the need of wires.

herston desk lamp modern design

The lamp is so elegantly designed that would make a wonderful addition to any home or office, and evidently, a lot of people agree. The kickstarter campaign is already at 276 per cent of its intended goal.

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