IKEA’s FÖRNYAD Mascot is a Cyclops with Australian Roots

While in Sweden for “Democratic Design Days 2018,” we had an opportunity to preview IKEA’s upcoming FÖRNYAD collection, co-designed by Australian graphic Designer Craig Redman. The collection is aimed at students although suitable for anyone who likes patterns and colour.

So what is FÖRNYAD about? Well, FÖRNYAD translates to ‘renewed,’ meaning the collection adds new life to your desk and office setup.

The cycloptic character printed on the couch is Darcel. He’s the star of Craig Redman’s blog Darcel Disappoints. Along with Colette Creative Director Sarah Andelman, the two have brought new life to several IKEA staples. FÖRNYAD designs focus on the core elements of Colette’s blue and accompanying dots, and Darcel’s black egg shape and cycloptic eye.

ikea lamp from australian designer

While neither Redman or Andelman are household names, they have an impressive resume; Working on projects for Nike, adidas, Chanel, Apple, Google and Vogue to name a few.

Expect the FÖRNYAD collection to include stationaries, notebooks, desk lighting, a stool, pedal bin, rug, couch and more. The FÖRNYAD collection will be available for a limited time starting in 2019.

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ikea table from australian designer

blog character darcel disappoints

ImageCraig Redman

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