Innovative Storage for the Man With Many Things

It’s a place for the things that matter; effortless storage for the everyday stuff – It’s the Geco Hub, a brand new way of putting things away. Available now on Kickstarter for an early bird opening backing price of AU$45.

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Taking inspiration from shelves and cork boards alike, the Geco Hub allows you to store things in so many different ways, with customisable colours and easy expansion, all without a single screw to install. That’s right, renters rejoice! The Geco Hub mounts on the wall with everyone’s favourite 3M mounting strips. Or you can use the included screw fixings for a more permanent solution.

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If you’re familiar with the Skadis storage system from a certain Swedish furniture company then you’ll fall in love with the Geco Hub. The seamlessly modular design allows users to store a lot of different items in small spaces, without any extra accessories or attachments. Designed to last, while also being entirely replaceable – should any damage occur – the Geco Hub brings order to your EDC collection with the power of silicone.

Everything is secured using an adaptive rubber matrix that instantly secures your things, no matter the shape or size, in a quick and intuitive manner. While it’s not designed to hold super heavy items like the encyclopaedia Britannica or your full-size Nintendo Switch, it is strong enough to hold up your TV remotes or even a PS4 controller. One crazy feature of the Geco Hub is how easy it is to clean. You can chuck the Geco Hub into the dishwasher for that crystal clean finish thanks to its silicone construction.

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Combining the best of storage units and notice boards, this flexible and adaptable unit lets you organise your things where you want, and in whatever manner suits you best. Best suited to stationary at the home office, or for putting away your keys, wallet and watch, the Geco Hub is the place for everything.

Available on Kickstarter now you can grab your Geco Hub in Blue-Green and Light Grey, or you can mix and match for some wicked designs. Head on over there now to secure your Geco Hub Storage system.

Production is set to begin in August this year with shipping expected by November 2020.

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