japanese kiridashi pocket knife

A Japanese Kiridashi Pocket Knife with Character

Japanese Kiridashi are essentially pocket knives, just not in the way you might be thinking. Usually, the term pocket knife brings to mind a small folding knife, such as a Swiss Army Knife. Japanese Kiridashi, on the other hand, are fixed blade knives, meaning, they don’t fold and need to be sheathed (at least, you should sheath them before putting them into your pocket—try not to think of what could happen if you shoved a razor sharp and unprotected blade into your front pocket). OriginHG offers a four-inch kiridashi with a custom leather sheath. The design looks simple enough, but the workmanship is impressive. Don’t let the simplicity fool you. Kiridashis have just as many uses as any other blade.

japanese kiridashi knives

OriginHG recycles its blades from old files. If you’re not aware, the steel used for files is among the highest grade, often 1095 or W1. Files take a beating, so you have to have a steel that is highly durable and that can keep its shape. Those qualities make that steel perfect for a knife as well. The steel takes and maintains a sharp edge. The other benefit of using old files is, as already mentioned, that the files take a beating, causing scratches and pitting. OriginHG keeps these blemishes so that each blade they create is unique and one-of-a-kind. Each blade is handmade and uses an asymmetrical grind, making the bevel hand specific. You’ll have to specify whether you’re right or left handed when you order your blade.

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kiridashi made from file

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