Holm Oak Pro Knives by Zwilling J.A. Henckels

Whether you need to slice a loin of pork or create perfect orange slices, knowing which knife to use is critical to success in the kitchen. Equipping yourself with the proper knives is the key to slicing, dicing and filleting with ease. That is why every home cook should own a set of Holm Oak Pro Knives made by German cutlery maker Zwilling J.A. Henckels. There are a variety of different knives in this collection making them perfect for almost any task in your kitchen.

holm oak pro knives view

Choosing a high-quality knife set is as important as picking the right knives for the job. The right set of kitchen knives should last forever if you care for them correctly. The Holm Oak Pro Knives are made from a single piece of German stainless steel that has been ice-hardened and laser cut to provide perfect blade angles. The knives are finally polished by hand. This creates a super-sharp edge that will last for years. The Holm Oak Pro Knives feature a curved handle that provides excellent stability and grip, which makes it easier and safer to chop and dice. Here are some basics from the Holm Oak Pro collection that every cook needs:

paring knife is extremely versatile

Paring knife-A paring knife is extremely versatile and one of the most used knives in any kitchen. The Holm Oak Pro Knives line includes both 3 and 4-inch paring blades.

chef knife multi purpose knife

Chef’s knife-This multi-purpose knife is essential as it is designed to perform a variety of cutting tasks, from chopping vegetables to slicing meat.

Bread knife-Although called a bread knife; this serrated knife can be used for many different purposes in the kitchen including cutting watermelons and pineapples.

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utility knife used for general purposes

utility knife used for general purposes cutting edge

utility knife  all purpose tool

utility knife side view

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