The Kuroi Hana Japanese Knife Collection

For most guys, utensils do not inspire passion. We use forks, spoons and spatulas but they are simply tools. We don’t care too much about them as long as they get the job done. Knives, on the other hand, are different. A knife is both a cooking utensil and an essential kitchen tool. Plus, it is fun to impress dinner guests by wielding your knife like the King of the Kitchen.

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UK-based Edge of Belgravia released a new collection of kitchen knives that will have you cutting, dicing and chopping your way through any recipe.

kuroi hana japanese knife collection

The Kuroi Hana Japanese Knife Collection consists of six very high-quality knives. Every single knife in this collection features 67 layers of premium Japanese steel. This steel has roots in Damascene sword making and Japanese samurai.

seven essential knives in this collection

There are seven essential knives in this collection—two chef’s knives, a paring knife, utility knife, slicing knife and bread knife. The steel on the knives, called AUS-10, has a high toughness rating, which makes for ease of sharpening. It also offers exceptional corrosion resistance. The blade angle is 35 degrees.

kuroi hana japanese knife collection is available

Each knife is adorned with a lovely dark floral pattern on the blade. No two knives are alike as the design is unique on every knife. The designs were created with the help of London designer Christian Bird. The knife block is a stylish piece of art for the kitchen.

The Kuroi Hana Japanese Knife Collection is available right now on Kickstarter for pre-order. It is expected to ship sometime in November.

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