Make Your Tool Set Beautiful with the Wohngeist Tool Set

Everyone should have a tool set of some kind in the house to get basic maintenance jobs done. While a cheap, oddly-colored tool set is certainly one way to go about it, you will often end up with unreliable tools that won’t stand the test of multiple maintenance jobs, meaning you’ll have to most likely replace them ever few years. So why not spend a little more on a tough, old fashioned tool set that won’t wear out and also looks cool at the same time?

wohngeist ag tool set

The Wohngeist Tool Set checks both these boxes and more, by offering 24 comprehensive tools that any handyman would require to do most basic maintenance jobs. The set includes 5 different screwdrivers, with interchangeable heads that switch between Phillips and flathead, various types of pliers and wrenches, an Allen wrench set, a level, socket wrenches and a chisel. A classic, collapsible measuring stick replaces a tape measure, the hammer is a two sided stainless steel mallet and all the handles on all the tools are hand made. There is also a Swiss Army knife with it’s own set of tools included for even smaller jobs.

Throw in the beautiful handmade wooden box and the Wohngeist Tool Set almost becomes too perfect to actually use. Almost.

Check it out

wohngeist tool set gessato

the wohngeist piece tool kit

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