Match Striker Dish Calls Attention to a Universal Tool

Matches are one of those tools that we’re all thankful for, but rarely consider. How many people know that matches are a combination of sulfur, phosphate, and some form of a friction agent, like glass powder, that holds it all together? Many matches require using a surface that already contains red phosphorus to light them. The friction between the match and the red phosphorous actually causes the red to turn to white phosphorous, which is reactive with oxygen, causing it to ignite. Strike anywhere matches already have the phosphorous in the match head, so all you have to do is to expose the phosphorous and the match will light. Just about any abrasive surface will work. But if you’re going to be striking a match, why not do it in style?

top view match dish

The match striker dish is handmade in Virginia. Using black speckled clay, the artisan behind the dish turns it on a potter’s wheel, then trims it out and bakes it in a bisque fired forge. The upper rim of the dish is left natural, while the bottom half is glazed. Leaving the upper part natural provides an abrasive surface to strike the match on. You can place the dish near your fireplace, stove, candle, or humidor. The look of the dish is conservative, adding a classy flair to the matches it can store. Appreciate the ingenious nature of matches, and make them a stylish part of your décor with the match striker dish.

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match dish

side view Match Striker Dish