MINIM Podium Stand Beautifully Displays Your Guitar

Guitars are often works of art in and of themselves, and just like any other artwork, merit having a way to properly display them. That usually means an understated stand that passes the bare minimum of being able to hold up the guitar—there’s no form to match the function. Not so with MINIM’s Podium Stand.

Minim Podium Stand

Using sandstone from a quarry near Sydney, Australia, Minim has crafted a guitar stand that is truly one of a kind. Each stand is 100 percent natural Australian sandstone, which means that the grain of each will be perfectly unique. The sandstone used by MINIM comes with diverse tones and shades, and MINIM employs locally based stonemasons to create each individual piece based on the unique sizing and specifications of your guitar. Each piece is truly the work of a stone mason, with no use of CNC machines or digitally assisted equipment going into the manufacturing. MINIM also doesn’t use any petro chemical based stone products—meaning “reconstituted” or “engineered” stone. The upholstery for the Podium Stand is 100 percent naturally organic leather that is sourced from Scotland. The leather is available in three different colors: Tan, Natural, and Black.

Minim Podium Stand back

Because each Podium Stand is made by hand, it takes about eight weeks for delivery. When you do order one, you’ll have to provide your guitar style and any other specifics that they may need to know in order to perfectly match the stand to your guitar. The stand costs $4,649 AUD. The craftsmanship that goes into creating the stand, as well as the natural beauty of the sandstone and the feel of the leather, make these stands more than worthy of the price tag. If you want to give your guitar the respect it deserves by providing a place for it to be displayed, the MINIM Podium Stand is the answer.

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Minim Podium Stand side view

Minim Podium Stand back view of the guitar