MoMA’s Trick Placemat Could Make Dinner a Little Too Interesting

If any of your friends suffer from motion sickness, you may not want to serve them dinner on MoMA’s new Trick Placemat. The placemat uses an optical illusion to make it appear as if your plate and silverware have sunk into the table. The effect is simple, but the result could leave anyone with vertigo—or a bit of a buzz—feeling a little woozy. Of course, that may be a reason to use the placemat. We’ll leave that decision to you.

The placemat is available in blue with white lines, or the inverse (white with blue lines). The mat measures 14 inches long by 17.5 inches wide. As mentioned, the effect is achieved by warping certain lines in the grid pattern, which leads your eyes to believe that the table has sunk in certain places.

MoMA Design Store carries a wide range of products, each with their own flair and style. You might call the collection modern eclectic. The placemats fit right in with their other products, so if you’re looking to outfit your dining room—or any room in your house—you’ll find matching products that can help create an appealing theme.

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