Nagasaki Knives are a Surefire Way to Get Your Kitchen in Order

Following a successful Kickstarter that defied all expectations, the Nagasaki knife is back boasting significant improvements and paired with an array of new knives to complete your kitchenware.

The Nagasaki Knife collection is German engineering meets Japanese craftsmanship, inspired by a city renowned for its fine swords, knives and razors. Each knife features a Damascus Blade made of Japanese VG10 stainless steel with 67 individual layers for exceptional quality. The knives are sharpened in the traditional Solinger Dunnschliff style with a Micarta handle for perfect balance.

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The Chef’s Knife is the first new addition to the Nagasaki family modelled after a traditional western chef’s knife. The Chef’s Knife is ideal for cutting literally anything that’s edible. It’s built with an 8-inch Laser-tested blade and cryogenically treated for extreme sharpness. The entire knife weighs only 205 grams.

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The Nakiri Knife is a traditional Japanese vegetable knife ideal for cutting fruit and veggies. It features a 7-inch blade that’s only 2mm thick and is also cryogenically treated. The Nakiri comes in at 225 grams.

Nakiri with a Hollow Edge features the same design as the Nakiri mentioned above but with the unique characteristic of a hollow edge designed with small cavities on the hammered surface to prevent thin, greasy or sticky clippings getting stuck to the blade.

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The final new addition is a small Paring Knife ideal for peeling and intricate work like de-veining prawns and removing seeds. The Paring Knife has a blade only 3.5-inches long, although retains the same hardness and sharpness as the larger blades. It weighs only 58 grams.

The Santoku Knife is where the Nagasaki collection all began. It’s the Japanese equivalent of the western chef’s knife but designed with less chance of creating a rocking motion which is typical of western knives. The new version is equipped with a thinner spine, improved hardness to match its new Nagasaki counterparts while retaining a lightweight build.

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The Nagasaki collection knives are currently available via Kickstarter as singles, pairs, trios or there are even options to purchase the entire family. It’s the perfect opportunity to hone your slicing and dicing skills to transform your kitchen into something much more. The Nagasaki knives are expected to ship January 2018.

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