Never Drink Cold Brew Again with the iTemp Smart Mug & Bowl For US$89

If you’re a stickler for perfection or the type of person that pulls the kettle off just before boiling point, then this is the device for you. Up on Kickstarter now is the iTemp Smart Mug and Bowl that allows drinkers of all things hot to enjoy their drinks and food at their own personalised temperature.

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For the early bird price of US$89, you can get your hands around the iTemp Mug set, which includes one smart mug and a heating coaster, in either black or white. For the bowl, you can pay the early bird price of US$91 (heating coaster included) or you can get the combo set for an early bird price of US$134.

Just the right amount of heat. That’s the goal with this device, finding the Goldilocks spot between too hot and too cold. Coupled with its own dedicated app, you get to personalise the temperature of your coffee, soup and tea. Perfect for heating up, cooling down or just keeping the status quo, the iTemp will keep everything just right.

Through the app, you can select what your drinking, the estimated weight/ volume and the current temperature of what you’re drinking. From there you can adjust pretty much everything related to temperature – preset heating times, notification when you reach a certain temperature, and even routines that can be repeated day in and day out.

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Compared to a thermos that will slowly lose temperature over time, the iTemp mug never waivers from the preferred temperature set inside the app. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg with this device. Want a warm cup of milk, but no microwave? The iTemp can handle that. Need to heat up those two-minute noodles but the office kettle is being used? Pull out the iTemp and watch those noodles cook evenly at the perfect temperature.

Both the Smart Bowl and Mug are made from the same materials and components, both with the same exact functionality, except one is certainly bigger than the other.

Safety features have also been included, like boil-dry protection that will automatically power off the mug/ bowl if it is left heating for too long. So you can be certain you’re not going to end up scalding yourself with your next sip.

Jump onto to Kickstarter right now if you want to take your mugs and bowls into the 21st century. Never let your drinks, soups, fondues or broth go cold again. Back the iTemp now and enjoy the extra convenience a smart mug/ bowl can provide.

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