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Koala Adds New Flavours to Australia’s Favourite Pillow Range

When was the last time you had a good night’s sleep? Are thoughts about work meetings, deadlines and your endless to-do list taking over from your sweet, sweet dreams? Well, according to recent studies, research reveals that nearly half of young Aussies are kept up at night due to work stress. Honestly, we can’t think of anything worse than work ruining a good night’s sleep, and thankfully, so does our favourite bedding brand Koala. Want to upgrade your sleeping game? Here’s how you do it.

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Step one in the process is saying goodbye to all that unpaid overtime by revitalising your bedroom setup, starting with one of the most important assets – your pillow. Koala found that 9 in 10 Australians think their pillow is critical to a good night’s sleep, and to solve an age-old question “what pillow is right for me,” Koala has launched two new pillows while keeping things simple. Introducing the Cloudy and Breeze.

Not just a dreamy name, The Cloudy pillow is said to give the soft, fluffy feel of down, without the feathers. It’s also breathable so you stay cool and dry and features a clever layer of foam to help you find the side that’s just right. One side of the Cloudy Pillow features a thin layer of CertiPUR-US certified memory foam, which gives that extra level of support on one side of the pillow, so all you need to do is flip to find your comfy side. It can be all yours for a cool $140 AUD.

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If this doesn’t sound right for you, perhaps the Breeze is more your style. Priced at $190 AUD, the Breeze pillow is packed with responsive sleep tech, providing optimal sleep temperature and comfort, plus zoned support for your head and neck. The pillow is Infused with charcoal, which seems odd, right? But it actually helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria, which may help to reduce asthma and allergies. The soft mesh cover offers long-lasting comfort and supports natural thermal regulation which means you’ll stay cool and dry all night long.

“Having the right pillow is fundamental to quality sleep – it aligns your head, neck and spine according to your sleeping profile; helping you sleep deeply and maximising time in slow-wave sleep, which is fundamental to waking up energised,” said sleep expert, Olivia Arezzolo.

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Want to get your hands on one of these pillows? Combine it with a quality bedtime routine that consists of limiting blue light exposure, meditating, reading, and avoiding caffeine after midday, and you should be getting a dreamy night’s sleep in no time. Check out the link below for more information.

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