Up Your Open Flame Cooking Game with the Grubstick S’more Kit

Ah, the s’more. One of the greatest things about campfires, the earliest introduction to cooking anything over a fire in many cases. But the perfect s’more was always elusive. The marshmallow burned to a crisp or dripped into the fire itself. Or your stick caught on fire or left charred bits of wood inside the marshmallow centre of your s’more. There was almost always some sort of mess to contend with and while this trial and error was part of the experience, it was also frustrating as hell. Which is why the Grub Stick S’more Kit is such a great thing, as you’ll never accidentally make a bad s’more again.

grubstick more kit scissors

Each basic kit includes a rubber handle that screws on to a thirty inch two pronged stainless steel extension, a stainless steel grubcage for cooking multiple marshmallows at once without impaling them and a release lever. Of course, you can obviously use these tools to efficiently cook other foods over the fire as well, like meat and vegetables. And if you want to get a little fancier and really broaden your ability to cook over an open flame, you can upgrade to bigger kits that not only include all of the above, but also hot pads, grabbers to protect your fingers, burger cages and grubtubes, which are apparently for cannolis.

grubstick marking tools

And if there is a way to cook a cannoli over an open flame, we say, why the hell not?

Check it out

grubstick shelf a telescoping handle

grubstick deluxe piece kit last roasting stick

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