Orlo Made Explains Why Four Knives are Better Than One

It turns out you shouldn’t just pick up any old knife from the kitchen and start slicing and dicing. Each knife serves a specific purpose, and the truth is there’s not 1, 2 or 3, but 4 knives you need in your kitchen to master the proper techniques required to create amazing dishes. Who knew?

Orlo Made has taken its new range of 4 chef-grade Damascus steel knives to Kickstarter to help you get your kitchen in order. Each knife serves a specific purpose and together, the collection provides everything you need to adequately and safely prepare nutritious whole foods.

close up of orlo steel knives

First up is the Chef’s Knife. It’s the knife you will use for most of the cooking essentials. Dicing, mincing and chopping large meats and vegetables is a breeze thanks to its 8-inch blade. Then there’s the Boning/Carving Knife. This blade has flex, allowing you to work around bones, slicing off the meat and delicate bits. It’s perfect for fish, chicken and other smaller meats.

The Serrated Knife grips hard, slick or waxy surfaces and slices right through them. It’s perfect for those awkward fruits like pineapple and tomatoes as well as slicing through bread. Don’t let its size fool you, the Paring knife handles attention to detail like nothing else. Things like strawberries and garlic have never been easier to slice.

orlo chefs knife

The Orlo Made Damascus Steel Knives are on Kickstarter right now, and the campaign is well and truly funded. You can opt to buy each knife separately or as a bundle for a special early bird price. If you plan on taking the knives out of the kitchen, say on a camping trip, you can even opt for an oil-stained leather and waxed canvas Chef’s Roll.

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orlo knives inside chefs roll

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