Replace Your Stinky Towel with the K-25 Smart Towel

It’s one of those efficiency things. You get into the shower because you want to come out squeaky clean and smelling fresh. Wash, lather, repeat. Scrub here, scrub there. And you’re done, so what do you do? You reach for your towel to dry off—and ruin the whole process because your towel stinks, and it transfers that stink to you. But not if you have the K-25 Smart Bath Towel.

smart bath towels

The problem with typical terry cloth towels is that they hold in moisture and allow bacteria and mold to grow, and that’s what causes the stink. So, yeah, in effect when you step out of the shower all nice and clean you’re wiping yourself down with bacteria and mold. Mmmm, that sounds really appealing. The K-25 smart towel is designed to dry super fast so that bacteria and mold never have a chance to start growing. No mold or bacteria means that the K-25 towel stays smelling fresh as the day you first hung it up. The secret behind this towel is the waffle design. Just like waffles soak up more syrup than pancakes do, the K-25 towel soaks up more water than regular towels do. Plus, the K-25 towel’s waffle design makes them softer and more pleasurable to use. And they’ll save you money because you won’t be washing them as often in a desperate effort to get rid of the stink. It’s also more eco-friendly than regular towels because it saves on energy and water.

k-25 bath towels to be use outdoor

K-25 smart towels come in face towel (13 X 13 inches), hand towel (16 X 30 inches), bath towel (27 X 54 inches), and bath sheet (33 X 65 inches) sizes. You can also pick up a summer blanket size (55 X 80 inches). The towels come in three colors: vanilla, galaxy blue, and frost gray. The blanket is only available in vanilla.

K-25 Smart Bath Towels in sofa

Stop wasting your efforts to be clean and smell fresh with a regular, stinky towel. Use the K-25 towel instead.

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K-25 Smart Bath Towels fold and place near the sink