Shuh Duh Fuh Cup and Buy this $20 Mug!

It’s difficult to function, let alone engage in any meaningful conversation before having that first cup or two of coffee in the morning. The Shu Duh Fuh Cup mug provides a not so subtle suggestion to your friends and co-workers that you need to finish the coffee before, well, before anything else happens in the morning.

shu duh fuh cup mug

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In truth, you probably shouldn’t flaunt this mug in the workplace unless you’re in charge or in a position of power. I doubt HR would approve.

Instead, gift this staple of any desk setup to the grumpiest, most painful morning person you know as a constant reminder that their demeanour could use some work. The Shu Duh Fuh Cup mug does the dirty work so you can get the message across while avoiding confrontation. HR might frown on that too.

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