Shun’s Kiritsuke is Exclusively Yours

The Shun 8” Silver TDM0771 Premier Kiritsuke Knife will be a beautifully crafted addition to your kitchen. In a traditional Japanese kitchen, only the executive chef was allowed to have and use a kiritsuke—a multipurpose blade used for many different purposes in the kitchen, from slicing and dicing to mincing. Shun’s Kiritsuke features a double bevel on its flat-ground blade, increasing its durability. That double bevel, coupled with the hammered Tsuchime finish, serves to move food away from the blade quickly, freeing it to be used faster and more accurately. The Tsuchime finish reduces knife drag, which prevents food from sticking to the blade.

shun premier chef knife

The 8” blade is hand sharpened to a 16-degree cutting angle on each side, making it sharper than traditional Western knives. The proprietary VG-Max cutting core, which is covered by 64 layers of Damascus stainless steel (32 layers on each side), retains its edge longer than other blades. The stainless steel also prevents corrosion. Though the blade is thinner than typical kitchen knives, that same thinness provides not only a razor edge but also flexibility. The handle is made of walnut pakkawood and is fit for either right or left hand wielding.

The Shun Kiritsuke knife is an example of function and form. Not only is it up to any task you throw at it, it’s also stunningly beautiful. It’s no wonder that these blades are reserved exclusively for the head chef of any kitchen.

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