Simple is Better with the Craighill Desk Knife

The Craighill Desk Knife’s design is so simple and straightforward you may miss just how useful this tool is. Billed as an essential tool for any desk—whether that be a writing desk or a cubicle—the desk knife starts out as a round bar of 5/8 inch stainless steel. Material is cut away to form the sharp edge, but that original shape is maintained as part of the handle and even slightly into the blade. Rings at half inch intervals are kept for easier grip. Those same markings also function as a quick visual ruler. The cutting edge is formed by two compound cuts. The flat ground edge allows for easy maintenance, so keeping the knife razor sharp won’t be a hassle. The knife measures 5.25 inches in length and weighs 4.5 ounces.

desk knife box opener

The Desk Knife was inspired by the Japanese kiridashi knife, which is a common tool often formed of tool steel. Craighill’s version is great for letter and package opening as well as other common chores on your desk. Accomplishing a mission of functionality is part of Craighill’s corporate philosophy. They offer a wide range of products, all unified by the idea of marrying efficiency and exploration through personal curiosity, industrial experimentation, and basic utility.

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