Snarky Candles Has a Candle for F*cking Meetings

You know you’re guilty of feeling this way. You’re stuck in a meeting that feels like it’s been going on since last Tuesday. Everything that is being discussed matters about as much as what kind of kitty litter your great aunt uses for her 16 cats. And all you can think about is why are we even having this meeting? That’s the smell of Whiskey River Soap Company’s snarky Candle for F*cking Meetings.

With a tagline that perfectly describes what this candle is all about—“Smells like this could have been an email”—the snarky candle expresses just how you feel. The added line of “And this is why I drink” adds yet another relatable detail.

Whiskey’s description is perfect and clever: “The icing on the arsenic cake that is any weekday morning, afternoon, or evening. And speaking of evenings… didja have to schedule the WebEx for 6:15pm on a Friday, Becky? All to tell me you’d put feedback in the PowerPoint? Because you couldn’t put that in a f*cking email? Don’t worry. I’ll text you all my feedback on Saturday around dawn.”

The 10-ounce candle comes with a “bourbon in my coffee” scent. Whiskey River Soap Company makes all of its candles by hand from 100 per cent soy wax with added colour and fragrance. The meeting candle has a 60-hour burn life, but should only be burned for two hours or a maximum of three—or just long enough to last through that meeting. The candle sells for USD$19.95.

Whiskey River specialises in those snarky products that you need to get through your day, let alone your week. From soap to candles to pencils and phobias, Whiskey River has a humorous approach to what makes you want to stay in bed.

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