Spin into the Future with the Infinity Levitating Top

For ages, we have been fascinated by the nostalgia and inherent fun of spinning tops. While this fascination remains unchanged, our attention has shifted from traditional games and toys to more modern ones. To match this shift, the infinity levitating top was created.

spin infinity levitating top gold

The world’s first perpetually levitating spinning top brings us into an entirely new arena, creating a fantastic experience for kids or adults alike. Perfect for any atmosphere, it provides fun, adds style, boosts creativity, and enhances focus.

spin infinity levitating top black gold combination

The infinity levitating top is a modern twist on one of the oldest “toys” in existence. While spinning, the top defies gravity, almost eliminating friction entirely, and results in unimaginable spin times when compared to traditional or conventional spinning tops.

spin infinity levitating magnetic field

This gadget is built as a metal top set upon a magnetic field, generated by a support ring magnet. The top and the support magnet have reverse polarity causing a floating environment and leading to limitless spinning.

spin infinity levitating men trying turn around

Built of aluminum, stainless steel, or brass, the top comes in multiple color choices and will fit seamlessly in any office or study décor.

Still in the fundraising stage, you can secure your own infinity top for a relatively low level of funding and be one of the very first to own this awesome innovation.

Check it out

spin infinity levitating on the desk

spin infinity levitating silver color

spin infinity levitating in the hand

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