The F**H Club is as Mean as it Looks

The F**H Club from JHO Knives might give you the impression that it came from the set of Flash Gordon or some other B-movie, but this club backs up its menacing appearance. Weighing in at 500 grams and measuring only 25.5 centimeters, it’s more billy club than baseball bat. Still, those brass spikes aren’t going to be very cordial when they land their blow. And the full titanium body will hit hard and resist damage. If the clubbing action isn’t enough to finish someone off, then the hidden spike in the handle will take care of the rest.

fh spiked club

As lethal as the club may be, the real purpose can’t be as a street enforcer, but rather as a modern art piece. Despite its threatening appearance, the F**H club has an appealing aesthetic to it. Will it mix well with the porcelain Hummels on your grandmother’s mantle? No, probably not (it would make quick work of them though). Will it look great in a modern apartment with clean lines, stark colors, and simple furniture? Probably. If you’re looking for that final piece that will bring together your man cave or bachelor pad, the F**H Club should be on your list of possibilities.

The F**H Club is available in beadblast finish and was limited to a small production run of only 20 units. As it’s already sold out, and since it has a hefty price tag of $1,250, there’s a possibility that we may see more of these mean looking clubs.

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