The Ultimate Swear Jar for Those Who Can’t Calm the F**K Down

During these challenging times, it’s important to keep calm and level-headed. Granted, there are moments where we lose our cool and let off a bit of steam in the form of a good old fashioned profanity-laced tirade. And for good f**king reason. A deadly virus has run rampant across the globe and we’ve all be forced into hiding, there’s a goddamn panic-demic out here.

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In all seriousness,  the current climate is nothing to take lightly, however in order to keep spirits high and sanity intact, it’s important to maintain a good sense of humour. GFDA’s swear jar helps you do just that.

The rules haven’t changed since you were a child. It’s simple – if you swear, you pay. At a time where personal finances are under stress, a swear jar full of coins might not be enough to get you that pre-COVID-19 Rolex you were eying off, but it might be just enough to treat yourself to something small that puts a smile on your face at a time you need it the most.

Stay safe and look the f**k after yourself.

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