The Shower Beer Holder Improves a Daily Chore

Ah, the glories of the age we live in! Finally, we’re able to enjoy a cold beer in the shower with the Shower Beer Holder. If high society aristocrats can enjoy a glass of wine while soaking in the tub, than why can’t a man’s man enjoy a can of suds while scrubbing away a hard day’s work in the shower? Shakoolie has the solution. The Shower Beer Holder frees your hands to be able to take care of business while keeping your beer out of the water and refreshingly cold.

shower beer holder circle

Here’s how it works. You simply attach a Shakoolie Launch Pad sticker to your shower wall. The sticker has a patch of industrial Velcro on it. Then slip your cold beer into the insulated beer holder and press it against the Velcro. The beer will stay in place until you’re ready for your next drink.

The Launch Pad is designed for smooth tile, so raised, embossed, or textured surfaces may not work well. When you’re ready to remove the Launch Pad, just slip a knife under the edge until you can grab it and then peel it free. It should come away cleanly.

If you’re wanting to get the party started early, or unwind after a day’s labor, the Shower Beer Holder from Shakoolie will have you taking care of either—or both!

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