This Retro Clock Helps You Track the Flippin’ Time

“Amsterdam’s Cloudnola has released Retro Flipping Clocks to dress up your home décor. The clock revisits the modernist designs of the 20th century but then updates them with modern materials and mechanisms to improve looks and functionality. The clicks measure 14 inches by 5.5 inches by 3.5 inches and will look stylish on a shelf or mantel. The exposed mechanism sit in a metal case and rotates the black number flippers. The clock is powered by one D battery.

The Cloudnola Retro Flipping Clocks are being offered by Huckberry, which has the mission of being the place where men go to shop. The idea was to create a place that was equal parts store, magazine, and inspiration where guys could find the things they need to live life to the fullest. The company started with meager investments of $10,000 from its two founders and is now shipping out thousands of packages each day. Huckberry has avoided venture capitalist investing solely to make sure that it could remain what it needs to be, instead of what is needed to turn a dollar. Huckberry is more than just an online store, it’s also a lifestyle coach with its wealth of articles. Huckberry really is that one-stop-shop for all things man.

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