Transform Your Kitchen through Vie Belles’ Reserve Knife Series

If you’re in the market for premium, affordable kitchen knives, look no further than Vie Belles’ Reserve Knife Series. These kitchen essentials are tried and tested, capable of giving the best cuts for years to come.

Vie Belles has handcrafted a collection reminiscent of ancient Samurai swords, thanks to the 67 layers of patterned Damascus steel and gorgeous, hammered finish. Each blade is perfectly balanced, sharpened and accessible by an elegant handle. Best of all, the Reserve Series has a cutting tool for every job. Let’s take a look.

Vie Belles 8″ Reserve Chef’s Knife is a well-crafted cutting tool designed to offer the toughness, durability, and aesthetic appeal that your kitchen needs. The 7″ Reserve Santoku Knife is a tool that never gets tired. Outside of dicing, chopping, and slicing vegetables, the knife is also perfect for cutting boneless meat and fish.

superior kitchen knives view

If you’re all about detail, don’t look past the 5.5-inch Nakiri Knife. It’s versatile enough to let you cut vegetables of all shapes and sizes. Serrated, lightweight and easy-to-use, Vie Belles’ 10″ Reserve Bread Knife is an excellent workhorse to have in your kitchen.

Besides adding beauty, the 5.5″ Reserve Utility Knife offers convenience and practicality in more ways than you can imagine. These bad boys slice their way through the toughest foods, just like on those infomercials. The only difference is these knives stay sharp.

Each knife is priced between $85 and $150 USD, backed by a lifetime warranty. There are also options for carving knives and a knife block for that all-important stylish display.
The Vie Belles Reserve Knife Series is scheduled to ship out late 2018.

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