Typified Updating Paper Poster Displays the Live Weather

A Melbourne start-up has invented a smart weather poster with a design that alters to reflect whether it will be sunny, overcast or rainy outside. Typified’s Weather Poster is believed to be the world first updating paper poster using smart ink activated by the internet-connected frame.

A campaign was launched on Kickstarter to bring the first exclusive print run of Typified’s Weather Poster to life. The goal was to raise $55,000, and with a week remaining, they have already pulled-in over $67,000.

Inventor and designer Oli Woods said Typified’s goal was to find less intrusive, screen-free ways of expressing the daily information we all rely on – with a focus on art, design and smart technology.

“I wanted to create something that gives people an alternative to intrusive, addictive tech,” he said. “The Weather Poster only takes a fraction of a second to check as you go through your day, doesn’t require anything from you, and doesn’t risk lengthy distractions.”

internet connected calendar

Smart ink has been around for about 15 years, but until now has generally been limited to novelty food and alcohol packaging. Typified’s new technology allows a computer to interact with smart ink, activating and deactivating it in response to electrical signals.

“The posters are screen-printed in Collingwood and deliver a quality and richness of colour that is far superior to regular printing methods. They make a beautiful aesthetic addition to both home and office environments.”

Typified’s smart Weather Poster is available on Kickstarter with an original print run of 500 copies. The Kickstarter campaign will end on March 2 2019, and posters are priced from $169AUD.

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