The Hot-Tub Just Got Portable Thanks To Softub

You don’t need to be Hugh Hefner to know that it’s not a real sexy party without a hot-tub. They’re fun, can be used all year ‘round and are great for either family fun, long afternoons with a barbecue and some tins, or romantic evenings for two. The cons? They are generally loud, expensive monstrosities that take up the same space as an SUV, sap power and won’t neccesarily match the chic decor of your humble penthouse. That’s where Softub come into the mix.

softub come into the mix

These are some of the most stylish ways to park your patootie on a bubble jet we’ve ever seen, and aside from the fact they look great, they’re soft and cushiony on the inside, just like a lounge, which is testament to the notion that sometimes you didn’t know you had a problem until you were provided with a solution, and will probably make it hard to sit in a fibreglass spa ever again.

portable thanks to softub

They take one person to install, are almost silent when in operation, have all the features of a regular spa (filters, jets etc) and becuase of their construction only need a flat surface to set-up, so you’ll be hot-tubbing in no time. These beauties are made in WA, the three sizes will set you back between $6255 and $8255 and will no doubt make you the envy of your mates in one afternoon.

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