HUB – The Swiss Army Knife of Kitchen Appliances

Based in the urban metropolis of Chicago, industrial designer Rotimi Solola is familiar with the space constraints of inner-city living. Inspired by such circumstances and with the belief that a product designed for longevity should be environmentally-responsible, Solola has presented a concept for an all-in-one kitchen appliance. The ‘HUB’ is a food processor; a blender; a kettle; a mixer – its part-share modularity means it can be quickly reconfigured by the owner, eliminating the need for several different appliances cluttering up your kitchen and storage space.

appliance design sketch

Central to HUB’s design is user accessibility. Solola’s research indicated that people’s lack of understanding of their kitchen appliances meant users weren’t willing to fix appliances themselves, preferring instead to throw them away and buy another. This epidemic results in needless waste and expenditure. Rather than simply replacing an appliance when it is damaged or malfunctioning, Solola wants to empower average users to diagnose and fix issues with HUB themselves. As a result, HUB is designed to be extremely easy to dismantle and service – you’ll be saving a buck in the long run. While at this stage HUB is just a concept, we’ll definitely be following Rotimi Solola as he brings us more sustainable and intuitive designs, hopefully coming to a store near you.

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