Idyllic European Summer Escapes

As winter begins to set in, your mind may begin to wander off to warmer climes as you dream of again lazing by the pool or on the beach. At this time of year, where can you turn to for a hit of sun and salt? Europe, of course. As plenty of Australians begin to make the trek to Europe’s famous beaches, let’s take a look at some lavish homes that line its Mediterranean and Atlantic shores.


Pool With A View, Costa Brava – Spainville Inmobiliaria


When we think of the idyllic European beachside home with a view, this is what springs to mind. Dubbed ‘the Pearl of the Mediterranean’, this home on Spain’s Costa Brava is the perfect example of what European summers are all about – poolside lounging, crystal clear seas, rugged coastline views, and keeping away from the crowds.


The Silverwood House, Portugal – Joao Morgado



This home on the coast in Portugal epitomises everything about a modern beach house; minimal, clean, open plan, and with a strong relationship to the outdoors. It is dominated by white and timber both inside and out, offering the occupants a constant feeling of lounging on the deck of the pool.


Villa Time, Italy – Defpoint Studio


Close to Rome on Italy’s renowned coast you will find ‘Villa Time’, a classic style Italian holiday house that has a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces, creating the ideal place to spend a European summer. The architect has described the house as “merging the four-dimensional landscape with the three dimensions of the volume of the white villa”.


Modern Fisherman’s Hut, Sicily – Indice Creativo


This Sicilian gem has been built on the shores of the Mediterranean, as a modern take on the 500 year-old fisherman’s houses that dot the coast of the quaint fishing village of Marzamemi. A home built using traditional practices, including decorative mosaic and an absence of distractions, this is the perfect seaside retreat to escape the hoards of tourists.


Cadiz, Spain – Alberto Campo Baeza


Cadiz is a small city on the southern Atlantic tip of Spain, drenched in sun and sangria. This house, which has been named the ‘House of the Infinite’, almost blends into the horizon when viewed from atop, facing the ocean. It is a minimalist’s dream, with an all-white interior, smooth finishes, and a recessed pool.

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