IKEA Recreates Iconic TV Living Rooms

If you’ve always been tempted to try on Homer Simpson’s ass groove on his living room couch, then just head over to your local IKEA. The furniture giant has recreated the living room from the popular and irreverent animated series, The Simpsons. Complete with the pumpkin couch, lilac side table, and tube TV, the reproduction stays true down to the smallest detail, including the ever-crooked picture on the wall and the rabbit ear antennae.

But it’s not just Homer’s favorite sitting place that IKEA recreated. They also replicated the 1990s Manhattan apartment set where Friends took place, as well as the creepy den from Stranger Things.

Ikea Recreates Iconic TV Living Rooms

The recreations are part of a promotion IKEA put together with the help of creative agency Publicis Spain. Using IKEA products available throughout the world, the companies recreated these famous rooms to prove that IKEA furniture fits in anywhere. Don’t believe it? Then check out the Knislinge couch, Lattjo braided rug, and the Ekas lampshade used in The Simpsons room. Or what about the Lack coffee table, Ektorp sofa, and Remsta chair from Friends?

You can prove your fandom by heading down to IKEA and picking up that pumpkin couch. Just don’t forget to play “Groove Me” by King Floyd when you sit down and get to work on your own groove.

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