Illuminate Your Life with the LUMIR C

Kickstarter is known for bringing us some of the most innovative ideas out there, well this is no exception. Introducing the Lumir C: Candle Powered LED Lamp. In 2014 a group of electrical engineering students gathered to form Lumir, a group devoted to the intention of lighting the world up one candle lamp at a time. There is a certain romance in the idea of using a candle to see and do things by, but from a modern perspective consider the convenience. No plugs, no batteries, completely portable, and requires just one candle to power this piece on engineering enough to light up an entire room. This is ideal in a blackout, but the fact is you would want to use it even if there was not one. There are two kinds available, Mood which is suited to diffusing a ambient, atmospheric light for the living room, and then there is Spot which is designed as more of a pinpoint as a reading and work lamp.

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introducing the lumir c candle powered led lamp

electrical engineering students gathered to form lumir