The Infinity House by Vladimir Konovalov Is One With Nature

The northern region of Norway offers quaint villages, untouched nature and incredible landscapes. This is a place where people go to find serenity and peace. The Infinity House, designed by Rotterdam architect Vladimir Konovalov is a located deep in the mountains of northern Norway.

infinity house bedroom view

This remote retreat offers panoramic vistas of the Norwegian sea and mountains. The concrete structure features lots of natural, raw materials to create a feeling of being connected with nature. Large windows provide an excellent view of the beautiful landscape beyond the house. They also connect the interior of the home with the exterior surroundings. The interior of the house is almost entirely visible from the outside.

The rectangle-shaped house was designed as one large, open space. The open floor plan connects the living room and kitchen with the bedroom area. A huge bookcase divides the living room from the dining area.

infinity house file cabinet table with chair

Interior furnishings feature monochrome colour scheme and are minimalistic in design. This reduces drama in the home as to not distract from views of amazing Northern Lights. A black square-shaped enclosed is room located behind the master bedroom, and it houses a bathroom. A spiral staircase is also located inside this box-shaped room. It leads straight to an infinity pool on the roof. The 21-metre pool takes up almost the entire roof.

infinity house file cabinet sofa and chandelier

Perfect for relaxing or exercising, the heated infinity pool is divided into two parts—a resting bath area and a swimming lane. This house is truly an oasis for someone that prefers natural beauty and peaceful solitude.

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