Jaeger-LeCoultre & Marc Newson’s Atmos 568 is Here

It’s been a short while since celebrated designer Marc Newson, who’s been collaborating with revered Swiss watchmakers Jaeger-LeCoultre since 2008, has given us a new clock to get us all excited about telling the time without looking at our wrists. The Atmos clock is Jaeger-LeCoultre’s answer to the age old question ‘how do you make a clock run forever and ever without ever needing a battery or winding it?’ and is made of almost century-old technology that is about as close to Leonardo Da Vinci’s dream of perpetual motion as we’ll probably see in our lifetime.

atmos clock front part

The mechanism is ingeniously simple – a capsule of a mixture of gases (ethyl chloride C2H5CI to be technical) expands and contracts with the slightest fluctuations in ambient temperature, which in turn winds the mechanism. The whole apparatus is so finely tuned and balanced that a single degree in temperature shift will power the clock for two days, and the 211 parts have been so well fitted and finished that no lubricant is needed throughout the entire movement, as it is designed to outlive any oil or grease that currently exists.

The 568 is Newson’s most modern-looking piece yet, with electric blue and silver dominating the dial and bold, handsome Arabic numerals looking the part. Housed in Baccarat crystal, it stands just under ten inches tall, weighs just under ten kilograms and will set you back $28 000 USD.

Check it out

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atmos clock side view