JOCO Reusable Cups are Saving the Planet One Coffee at a Time

Switching to a reusable coffee cup is a no-brainer. We’ve come to favour the JOCO brand for its artisanal blown glass and the additional steps its founders take that benefit the environment. JOCO cups, or vessels as the brand likes to call them, are designed to last a lifetime.

JOCO’s reusable cup is the perfect option for your daily teas and coffees and is available in various sizes, colours and limited edition designs. The cup is ergonomic with an anti-splash design. The lid is shaped in a way that allows room for the nose. The thermal silicone sleeve adds a grip, and the cups meet standard barista sizes. No plastics are used in the cups.

joco travel mug in hand

Beyond its goal of phasing out the single-use cup, JOCO is a proud partner of Take 3 For the Sea. So far, Take 3 has removed over 45,000 pieces of plastic from the environment. By the end of 2018, that number is expected to reach over 75,000.

Backed by its artisanal designs and the knowledge that you’re aiding the planet, JOCO’s reusable cup is bound to enhance your daily ritual.

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joco reusable glass coffee mug

joco reusable coffee cup