Keep it Breezy with the Noria Air Conditioner

Have you ever seen one of those old TVs from the 60s or 70s? You know, the ones with giant antennae sticking out of it and the tiny screen and a faulty knob that clicks like a plastic toy before breaking? That’s what we think of when we see the common air conditioning unit–a big, clunky behemoth that looks ready to fall out and kill an unlucky passerby. It’s something that should have gone out of style at the turn of the century and yet we still see it protruding from virtually every window. To put it succinctly: the common air conditioner is in need a major overhaul.

enter the noria air conditioner

Enter the Noria Air Conditioner. This modest and efficient cooling system has gained traction through crowd-sourcing and will hopefully enter the market any day now. Their tagline is “Cool, redefined” which is possibly an understatement since they appear to have redefined every single inconvenience brought forth by the massive relic known as the common air conditioning unit.

noria is painless to install

In keeping with its breezy agenda, the Noria is painless to install due to its manageable size, which leaves plenty of window-space left so you can enjoy the view. Once in place, the air conditioner can be controlled and scheduled through a remote or even bluetooth and smartphone. The thermostat knob interface makes temperature adjustment essentially brainless, and the “fresh air” mode brings the cool air from outside directly into the room, saving energy while infusing the home with coolness in its purest form. The only thing left to ask Noria is: what took you so long?

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