The Lean, Green Bike Washing Machine

Designed by a small group of geniuses at a university of China, the Bike Washing Machine asks that when it comes to environmental awareness you not only talk the talk and walk the walk, but that you now bike the bike as well. The name speaks for itself but allow us to explain. In the front portion of a stationary exercise bike is a small washing machine. You throw in some clothes with detergent and water. Then you hop on the bike and begin pedaling. The motion of the revolving pedals powers the rotation of the washing machine and also generates electricity. The electricity that you generate can either be stored for later use or it can power the bike’s display screen. By the time you finish your exercise, you’ve saved both calories and carbon with some clean clothes and a slim physique to show for it!

bike washing machine

Personally, we wish there were a million inventions like this because it gives new meaning to the whole concept of killing two birds with one stone, only in this scenario you’re more likely to save two birds that kill them. But imagine entire fitness centers where the exercise equipment is used to generate electricity or power machinery. It might seem far-fetched at the moment but with eco-friendly innovation in full swing, anything is possible. Regardless of what may come, this kind of dual-fold thinking is really the future at its best and brightest. We all love looking good and we all love saving energy–the more ways to combine the two things the better!

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