May the Booze Be With You – Stormtrooper Decanter

Ever thought of a night in with liquor at a Star Wars marathon? Well say hello to the Stormtrooper Decanter. Based on Andrew Ainsworth’s original movie molds from 1976, it is made of high quality super flint glass and holds up to 750ml of your favourite alcoholic beverageIt comes with a corked top to ensure that your special liquor is secure and as air tight as possible.

booze stormtrooper decanter cover

Impress your fellow clones and raise a toast to The Emperor with a few servings from the Stormtrooper Decanter. It’s more likely that Empire supporters use this than a member of the Rebel Alliance. The decanter will help keep the Rebels from your door on those long Hoth nights. Now I must admit, I’m not a Star Wars fanatic myself, but this just looks super cool to the casual observer. And I would have no problem filling up my Café Patron in this.

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