Let There Be Self-Sustaining Plant Ecosystem Light

Here’s a plant that your black thumb won’t be killing. Not because you’ve been cured of that tendency to kill innocent plants either through neglect or overzealousness, but because you won’t have to do anything with it at all. Plus, you’ll have the added bonus of this ecosystem providing light. Designed by Nui Studio, the Mygdal Plantlight is a self-sustaining plant ecosystem that can help light up your home.

Here’s how it works. The luminaire consists of a glass bulb that has an LED light on the top. The whole thing hangs from a cable (or turn it upside down and make a lamp out of it) and uses the patent-pending SmartGrow technology to sustain the life of the plant within. The Plantlight is hermetically sealed, which helps to keep the water inside the plant where it an evaporate and condense in a closed cycle that keeps the plant watered.

The LED lights in the pendant are specifically designed to promote photosynthesis. The light can be controlled using LightControl, an app for your smartphone or tablet that controls the colour, intensity, time, and duration of the lighting.

The Plantlight comes with different types of plants to help promote different moods in your home. But you’re not stuck with just one type of plant. You can open the pendant’s aluminium bottom to switch out a new plant. Each plant comes with a composted soil, and is chosen for their extremely slow growth, so that the plants stay lush and strong longer. The glass pendant is handcrafted in Germany using traditional craftsmanship.

Nui Studio offers the Mygdal Plantlight in two sizes—Regular, which measures 42 cm high by 32 cm wide; and Large, which measures 70 cm high and 48 cm wide. Pricing starts at 2.950 euro for the Regular and 4.450 euro for the Large.

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