Light It Up with the George & Willy Firestarter

If you’re like me, starting a fire takes a lot of time and effort, and sometimes requires many failed attempts. The Fire Starter from George & Willy does exactly what the name implies, start a fire. The Fire Starter is inspired by the practises of Alaskan whalers, who used whale fat as a way to light a substantial fire in the 18th century (though no whales were harmed in the making of this product). Instead, they use a porous ceramic stone, which is specially engineered to absorb the oil and produce flames that last for 15-20 minutes. This allows generous amounts of time (and fire) to catch those larger logs alight, without the use of scrap newspaper and kindling. The oil is just your local lamp oil that you can get in your local hardware store. This oil is left an vessel which sits on the hearth, and only needs to be refilled 2-3 times a year. Basically, this is an easy alternative to using a match to keep warm in winter.

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