Literal Urban Art – Love Your City Print Series

Raising dollars (and exceeding its goal) on Kickstarter is a project that becomes more captivating the more time you spend with it. The name is Love Your City and it involves a virtuosic Dallas-based artist named Stacey Haynes. Stacey creates incredible maps that use a bold, stark colour profile and insane amounts of detail to highlight just how vast and distinct the cities we love truly are. The maps are then converted into quality prints that are hand-signed and numbered before being shipped to your door.

literal urban art new york city

Stacey was initially inspired by her travels around the world. In each city she found unique features that heightened her appreciation for that city as a specific place like no other. In turn her epic maps teach a valuable lesson in how both the geometry and geography of a city is in and of itself a work of art. Just by looking at the maps you’re suddenly confronted with an entity that has a earnest relationship with the land and water around it and was constructed over time by millions of people. Suddenly that city emerges in your consciousness as a thing like no other thing, which is perhaps the most essential component behind aesthetics in general.

literal urban art new york city paper work

Now perhaps we’re getting carried away and dear Stacey’s intent was simply to create a map that looks great up on your wall and enhances appreciation for your surroundings. Regardless, the work is amazing and has the effect of rendering you speechless as you gaze upon the profound, singular complexity of the place in which you live.

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literal urban art paper work on the floor

literal urban wallpaper computer