Living in the Coolest Way Possible with Coodo Modular Living Units

Live anywhere you like, literally, with these creative Coodo modular living units. Each one makes the impossible possible. Whether it’s ground, water, on a slope or on top of a cliff, Coodo’s got you covered. Every prefab unit is customisable, but generally comes with a bedroom, open kitchen, dining area and bathroom.

coodo house on top of mountain

You can add units onto each other to create more space or rooms. The way you choose to play with them is completely up to you. It’s almost like real life Lego. Coodo can be used as a holiday house or permanent residence since the concept provides you with unlimited flexibility. In addition to its functionality, it’s super modernistic and at the top of my rating scale in the looks department. If only I had an unlimited budget to play with. This is literally the coolest creation I’ve ever seen to date.

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coodo house on top of mountain beside sea

coodo house in aurland