Living Independently – Autonomous Tent 2.0

The eponymous tent from Autonomous Tent Co. does exactly what it says on the tin – offering a housing structure that exists independent of any outside factors. The Autonomous Tent is a semi-permanent tent that only takes a few days to set up and can then be moved without affecting its natural surroundings.

autonomous tent customised client requirements

Intended for both commercial and personal use, each tent is customised to the client’s requirements and offer a variety of power and sewage systems depending on the location and purpose, be it yoga studio or hunting lodge. It can even be fitted with propane, wood and fuel stoves and boasts a small solar array for basic power.

autonomous tent models feature exterior wooden decks

It’s available in two distinct models, the Cocoon (US$100,000) or Tipi (US$200,000), which measure 700 sq ft and 1,000 sq ft respectively. Both models feature exterior wooden decks, with the Tipi boasting a sizable 1,800 sq ft circular deck. The tent itself is constructed of steel and aluminium frames and a heavy duty fabric that is designed to withstand snow, rain and winds of up to 90mph (145 km/h).

If you’re in the property market and inner-city house prices are getting you down, then the Autonomous Tent might be the solution.

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