Make Home Security Easy with Sentri

Control your home through the Sentri Home Security System. An all-in-one home monitoring system made simple. The Sentri Home Security System acts as a surveillance and security system, as well as a remote electronic home device controller. Watch what is happening around your house live with HD streaming and audio. Keep up with real-time alerts and recorded video clips when activity is detected. Trigger the alarm from your mobile device with a built-in siren. Avoid stepping on Lego blocks in the dark with the infrared function when you need it. View your home ‘vitals’, such as the temperature, both current and within the last 30 days. The Sentri also allows you to connect and control your Nest Thermostat, Hue lights and Wemo, all from the touchscreen device. A simple, easy to use, easy to install home device that makes security where you live a little less daunting, a little more personal.

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