The Malvern House – Australian Architecture Done Properly

In the leafy suburban streets of Melbourne’s outer suburbs lies this beautiful, classy and cleverly modernised double-fronted Victorian residence. With the original facade having been restored to its original elegance, architect and interior design experts Kathryn Robson and Chris Rak, of Robson Rak Architects went to work on the rest of the space.

malvern house front view

The distinctively Australian old-world panache of the entrance hall bleeds seamlessly in to a modern kitchen and living area, with a red brick fireplace, heated concrete floors and a noticeable lack of technology. While some people like to put their dollars on display in the form of a giant television or a fridge that can also do the dishes whilst helping you knock over the Sunday cryptic, the brief given to Robson Rak was to conceal the electronics in as inconspicuous way as possible, resulting in power points that sit flush with the grain of the wall panels and a projector that hangs from the ceiling in lieu of a flashy flatscreen.

malvern home interior design

The open living areas continue into the garden, with outdoor dining and a swimming pool housed behind a subtle glass fence. This is the sort of house you live in if you’ve got the money to burn on quality digs that will never go out of style, but the common sense to desire something liveable and unique over something oversized and showy.

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malvern home modern bathrooms black

malvern home without upper cabinets kitchen

malvern home outer door and corridor